This is a special edition, 40th anniversary model that is a 4-door Skyline GT-R. Called the GT-R Autech version, it's retains the GT-R driveline and powerbase, but packaged in a 4 door body, though with the wider fenders of the GT-R coupe. No rear wing either. Autech is a Nissan-approved tuning company, to the best of my knowledge, that produces in-house tuning versions of various Nissan products, such as the Autech 250ps Silvia, and possibly the 200ps 1.6-litre Pulsar NZ-1. Other than a slight weight penalty, this version performs almost identically to the "standard" GT-R, with the dubious advantage of having 4 doors, to better allow 3 people to wet themselves all over your seats as you practice racing in Tokyo traffic. No actual data on performance, but I would just check out the Skyline V-spec, and add a few tenth's of a second to everything...

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Nismo 400R 4-door

NISMO, Nissan's in-house motorsports division, also created a GT-R based 4-door, which while available to the public, is only released in limited numbers. Called the Nismo 400R 4door, the 400 in reference to the 400ps output of the engine.

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